Spring Colour Palettes

Colour guid for Spring/Summer 2020

Hot pinks and pastel greens!!

At the start of every season. I always like to do a little research. Into the hottest colours of the upcoming season. And for spring 2020, it is already quite clear that striking pinks and pastel shades of green are already taking over. These shades tend to pop up every spring season but never before like this. They are already dominating shop fronts and designer displays!

Throughout the winter knitwear was being made in already bright colours. This was quite strange because we usually associate winter with darker colours such as black,   grey and even brown. But at the very start of December last year we started to see oversized jumpers being made in light pastel shades. Believe me when i say this is completely against the norm. These colours are usually set aside for spring time. Therefore, now we have eventually landed in spring the colour palette has to shift again to keep the market fresh and vibrant.

After doing some early shopping at the start of the week it was clear to see a lot of stores we heading in the same direction. Hot pinks blended with pastel shades of green, such as mint and sea green shades of aqua. That’s it ladies, that is now the theme of spring 2020. Once these colours have been decided in the fashion world they very rarely change until the season is over. Designer brands usually follow suit and set the new trends for each season so if you’re looking to get ahead of the crowd then I would always browse on sites such as Burberry’s or Tom Ford….even if you’re like me and can’t afford to actually purchase off there (inserts sad face)

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