Spring/Summer Preparation

Preparing for the summer holiday season of 2020

It is now that time of year again where people begin to look to get away from the miserable weather and jet off on holiday! The number one rule when going on holiday is off course you must buy a brand new wardrobe. Ok well maybe that’s just me but if you do fall into this category here are some little tips to use when preparing.

Holidays are expensive enough so to shop your new wardrobe it may have to be done on a budget. And this is where I come in.

Holiday shopping on a budget for me is quite simple. Always make sure to pick up the essentials first.
Number one on the list? Bikinis of course. Bikinis don’t often have to be bought in pairs. I buy mine individually and team them together and make outfits. This is often works out cheaper and i feel it is more effective.

I have also found a quicker way of using oversized silk scarves as a sarong.  If you was to purchase an actual sarong, it will cost you double the price of the scarf. I always use mine to make “bottoms” as these are very versatile and very easy to pick up on the cheap. These can be teamed with a more expensive printed top if you are planning on hitting the bars at night. If you get the plain bikini bottoms in a few colours you can match with the same printed top and get a few wears out of them.

The next main purchase they will be footwear. And with the sudden emergence of sliders being used for every day footwear, this made choosing footwear easy and affordable. Designer styles can be used throughout the full holiday if you want to spend a little more. You can wear them around the pool and also at night, If you don’t want designer, small independent retailers often have similar styles at a bargain price.

And that right there are my two essential tips for holiday shopping. Follow my next blog post to view holiday outfits when you are hitting the town.

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