Early Trends For 2020

2020’s latest fashion trends

Let’s take a quick look at the latest fashion trends for 2020.

A great place to start for this will be the classic oversized casual look. Casual clothing is now at the height of Fashion and is dominating online websites high street collections.  It all started with the oversized boyfriend hoodie with trainers look. This style was often taken on by the older generation at one pint in time. But the extreme comfort of this look really started to appeal to the younger generation, so they then made it their quest to make quirky outfits using casual clothing.

This seems to be Gathering even more pace as the fashion world enters 2020. Fashion designer, Alexander McQueen,  set the bar very high with their version of the high platform trainer. Many retailers have now mimicked this style and cheaper versions are now flooding the internet.

To get the complete look for 2020 you will need to purchase the focal point for 2020 which seems to be PU jeggings or wet look leggings as they are often referred to.  These do look great with a classic oversized hoodie and the trainers as mentioned above. The PU jeggings give the whole outfit a completely different vibe, compared to wearing them with denim jeans for example. A quick search on Instagram will tell you everything you need to know about this loom and how big it is becoming!  So if there are any budding Fashionistas out there looking to set the trends early in 2020,  look no further than a boyfriend hoodie, fresh white trainers and a fitted pair of wet look leggings.  And as easy as that the look is complete and you are dressed for any occasion.

In my next post i will be looking at lightweight spring jackets to go with this look. I have hand picked these designs and posted them on my twitter and Instagram. So if you are wanting to check them out early you can always visit my pages

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