Hot Footwear For Spring 2020

In this post i will be taking a look at the hottest new footwear to emerge for Spring 2020.

As we all know, foot where is the final touch to every outfit. Deciding on footwear can often depend on the occasion, and whether you are at an event that requires style or comfort. I have recently learnt that you can actually go for both! I know right! Why was i not made aware of this when i was dancing my feet off in my early 20s!

Being such a shoe Fanatic myself, I have tried and tested thousands of pairs of shoes over the years. Which shoes are right with my little black dress and which ones will suit my pencil skirts? Which shoes are right for my office wear. Skinny jeans are ow suitable for office attire which makes this old age decision slightly more simple

For me, when it comes to choosing which shoes to finish my outfit, choosing comfort is key.  Gone are the days when I could strut about in the highest of heels and dance the night away. Now I am old and boring I have learnt to choose comfort over Style.  Then i suddenly learnt that if  you dig a little deeper you realise that this is not the case.  Comfort and style can come as a pair.  Over the next few days I will be tagging my best pics and giving a quick fashion rundown on how to style them.  I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at the results.

To start with i have posted my collection of white trainers/sneakers. These are really hot for Spring 2020 and are carrying on the trend that started back in October 2019! Certain fashion designers are reinventing the classic white trainer and bringing it to the height of fashion, and I’m sure this is music to everybody’s ears!

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