Italian linens and cottons. These are the most famous fabrics used across fashion production in Italy. They have mastered the art of linen clothing over the years and have managed to combine the classic linen fabric with new innovative shapes and designs

Today’s blog post focus on all types of Italian ranges.  Throughout the spring and summer Italian clothing is always very popular, albeit amongst the older generations in the past…….well not now. Young fashion divas are jumping onto the loose fitting traditional Italian clothing. The lightweight and floaty aspects of Italian clothing make them now appeal to the masses.

They are available in so many different shapes and designs that it is near enough impossible not to find one you will like.

Linens for example are often used in oversized Batwing tops and of course a classic linen trouser. The linen trousers was once seen as a gold to just for comfort amongst older ladies, but as always the younger generation are using these two twists up and outfit and put their own fashion spin on it. So this is a big shout out to the younger women out there, do not completely disregard linens when choosing your spring trousers.  They are now available in skinny leg and elasticated waist which is ideal to  conform with the Casual/Comfort style that is taking over fashion.

Cottons are more widely used in T-shirts on tops or though thick cotton can also make a great pair of trousers.  this week I’ll be researching the best designs and trends in this ideology and I will be tagging for you along the way,  so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days