Let’s look at the chic office look

How to dress in the office for 2020, the big question…Most of us spend most of our time at work so it can sometimes be worth making a little bit of effort, even if it is just for yourself.

Deciding on what to wear in the office can always be a tricky decision.  You don’t want to look like you have made too much effort, has let’s face, it you are only at work! The problem now is that you also don’t want to give up idea that you’ve not made any offer whatsoever.

So this could make deciding on an outfit tricky. My advice for this would be to go for a great fitting tailored trouser teamed with a loose-fitting frill neck blouse.
The tailoring of the trouser will give a demure look to your figure whilst the frill neck blouse will also give off a look of Elegance and class… without looking like you are ready for a night out!

Footwear wise I would always opt for Comfort in the workplace.  Let’s face it, at work comfort is key! So in my opinion the best bet for this could maybe be a pair of flats,  if you are comfortable enough in heels then why not go for it!  I must admit I do always prefer heels for the office look but for me personally they can become quite uncomfortable throughout the day. It wouldn’t surprise me if trainers were suddenly accepted in the office place as they are now taking over fashion and are now acceptable to wear with a suit! So make the most of this new found look of wearing tailored clothing with a fresh pair of white sneakers, the ultimate workplace fashionista

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