Deciding what to wear for any occasion can be daunting, but for dinner parties these days, there is no right answer as fashion etiquette has veered from its traditional roots in many ways. Nailing down the right casual dinner party attire gives you plenty of options, and we are here to ensure you hit all the right style notes. Whether its a dress, jumpsuit or even a striking two-piece….We’ll get you covered

If you think you can manage the entire night without spilling any pasta sauce or red wine on your clothes, this is a look that stands out while looking effortless. Throw out that old fashion etiquette about wearing white after a certain time of the year. That’s what winter white is for! If this is your style directive, opt for tailored white denim or cotton pants paired with a light tunic or cashmere sweater. Throw on a pair of statement earrings and you’re good to go!

Choosing an outfit for any occasion is the most important part of whatever the occasion may be. It is a well known fact that if you are in love with the outfit you are wearing you will act and feel a million dollars! Certain dress and shoes combinations can be the main attraction for certain dinner parties etc. Striking colours and fitted waists can be enough to stop anyone in their path Whilst a killer pair of heels is always a good look. The older i get i find myself swaying more towards comfort than style. As sad as this sounds it happens to us all eventually!