Wearing Trainers With Everything? Yes or No?

Is It Now Acceptable To Wear Trainers With Everything?

Can I just say first up that I adore whoever made it acceptable to wear trainers with tailored pants? I’m sure if we met in real life we would be instant besties. I totally relate to your style for one thing. We’d have a hoot on a shopping trip. In my mind she is a woman who totally wears what she loves and feels comfortable in and was clearly evident on her most outrageous look yet. Rocking a care free, take me as you find me attitude in a Stella McCartney trouser suit and box fresh Stan Smiths is how imagine this unknown super woman!

It shows to me that she wanted to feel confident at such a big moment and by wearing something that is ‘her’ she was able to feel supremely in her own skin for such a big life gig.

We’ve always been able to wear what we want but more the fact that there is so much more choice. Also, the fact that the more we see something the more we can be  ‘ Oh, I think I’ll  give that a go, too.’ That’s why age isn’t important with anything. it’s about style, attitude, sass and being comfortable in your own skin.

My most recently purchased pair of trainers were these ones I bought from New Look for my upcoming summer holiday…never even expecting them to be as comfortable as they were. There’s not a better feeling than being comfortable. I think I would say that’s my top confidence tip. If something is comfortable  it helps you feel good. If you feel good, that’s when you exude confidence. Always take this advice when out doing a bit of retail, it can make you feel much more satisfied with your purchases, rather than just buying for fashion and fashion only!