Black Friday, Good Or Bad?

Black Friday Deals And Advice

With the winter season now upon us and Black Friday approaching, the time has come to start your Christmas shopping and begin the annual bargain hunt. In the clothing industry especially, Black Friday is now a huge hit and has become a must for any retailer to participate in. Sometimes deals can not be as good as they seem. proies may be inflated to then be reduced. Old stock may be dusted down form the stock room and put out as new. You have to careful and selective, especially when shopping online.

Huge stores such as Topshop or River Island can sometimes be the best place to start the hunt for your winter bargains. Some stores, instead of reducing certain items, simply offer a black Friday discount code! For me personally this is the best thing to look out for. This means that new items listed online will also be discounted. Rather than purchasing any old item due to the fact it has been significantly reduced, you can actually purchase what you wanted at a discounted price. This is a win win!! Websites such as John Lewis are rumoured to be running a 10% Black Friday discount code. This could be great to use for certain Christmas presents. Even wholesale clothing companies are getting involved, if you are a retailer use this to purchase stock for the busy Xmas period

I have been browsing online and came across this beautiful ASOS party dress. I was going to purchase instantly and then i stopped. Black Friday is on the horizon and this may end up being reduced. So is this a good or bad thing? ASOS basically lost a sale form me in the hope that it may be reduced in a few days, if it isn’t i may not purchase at all? This is the mindset that Black Friday instills into us. So it does have its ups but also has its downs