This Winter, in a fashion landscape where the selfie is all, leopard print is knocking the spots off florals. When worn by celebrities, the leopard print message is increasingly “go hard or go home”, as seen on many A-list celebrities, with thigh-high boots and a hat on tour. Us civilians might go down a subtler route: Urban Outfitters’ are leading the skirt trend with this fantastic new sleek and silky animal design


Leopard print is the beast of pattern, its history loaded with symbolism, from power to seduction. Over the years, its fans have ranged from Bet Lynch to Rihanna, Alexa Chung to Theresa May, the Queen, Jayne Mansfield and Pat Butcher. It comes with its own soapbox, and yet manages to allow wearers to make their own statements. This is the power of the print. it makes an annual appearance but never quite this strong

As a fur coat or cape , it was associated with “royalty, warriors and goddesses”, says Jo Weldon, author of a new book, Fierce: The History of Leopard Print. According to this fantastic lady, the print came to life in the 20th century: flappers loved real fur coats; Christian Dior wrote in his Little Dictionary of Fashion – “If you are fair and sweet don’t wear it”. In the 1950s, people started wearing leopard print lingerie and bikinis and, Weldon says, “it started to take on that slightly raunchy thing”.