Seasonal Trends For Winter

Spotting the trends this winter

As the cold season approaches, the winter wardrobe will start to take shape and the best advice for this would be to build it up piece by piece, starting in the early Autumn. Keeping an eye on upcoming trends is key for any follower of fashion. Certain fashion trends appear months in advance but with this new era of fast-fashion, it is becoming slightly more tricky to keep the look on point and up to date! Instagram seems to be the hot hub of fashion these days and people are using this platform as the go-to place for on trend fast fashion. Small, independent online boutiques seem to be the main source of this ‘fast-fashion’ so following certain accounts that follow your style is a great way to keep up to date with the latest trends

So, what trends are hot for winter?

As i am sure you are all aware, animal prints have been the main focus throughout the Autumn season. Animal prints tend to make an appearance every year but this season they were stronger than ever! Leopard prints and snake prints were the main focus, and this trend seems to be going strong into the Winter season. Animal print coats will be a main stay throughout the winter and certain styles have already been showcased on the high street. Animal printed fur coats have been seen on some high street shop floors already. Imitation suede jackets are also a huge focus for the winter season, and these can be found in most high street stores