Military Jackets Staying Hot All Autumn


What I love most about military jackets is their “regal appeal”. It’s no secret that I am a (quite strange) admirer of history and everything regal, and wearing my military jacket gives me a somewhat royal-esque feeling. It can be either dressed up or down, worn with pants or a skirt or even a dress. I’ve worn my military jacket several times, and each time i have worn it and has been a completely different look. I have worn mine in a very casual setting with my white slogan tee and ripped jeans. To wear it for a more formal occasion i reverted back to my favourite black skinny jeans, a pair of killer high heels and the whole look was transformed. That is the beauty of owning a military jacket


This is a question i am being asked on a regular basis at the moment, mainly due to the huge influx of animal print jackets, but my answer has always remained the same. it may seem obvious but the decision to go for a print over a plain is always down to personal preference. Animal print is the hot trend so far for the autumn so you will see a huge variety of these hitting the shop floor. Speaking from experience, the plain military styles can be dressed up to made a bit more formal, but who i am to say this can’t be accomplished with a very on trend snake print? As i say the decision is always down to personal preference but i would advise at trying both before you make any sort of purchase.