Shop Smart This Season


The start of any new fashion season is always a cause for celebration in fashion circles. New trends, a fresh colour palette and endless new styling combos to experiment with always get us excited. (Not to mention it’s yet another great excuse to go shoe shopping.) But here at Zuppe Clothing Company UK, the chance to start building—and more importantly, finally wearing—our new autumn collection is always a particularly fabulous event.

From spotting easy low cost trends, such as these ankle boots from Topshop, the time to shop smart is at the very beginning of a fashion season. Spotting the early trends gives you the advantage of being able to shop around for the look before everybody else jumps on board. Once the trends start to hit the high streets, the price wars will soon start; they always do! So be prepared to pounce when you see the bargain you’ve been searching for


It may seem obvious to some people, but shopping around for a particular item is essential. Once you have seen an item you like and are willing to purchase, search into google using the product description. You will be amazed what your search will bring up. I understand the urge to click ‘BUY’ as soon as you see the item you have been searching for, but i strongly advise to stop and shop around. You may surprise yourself whilst saving some hard earned money