The Mustard Trend Continues

The colour switching of Autumn

As the autumn season approaches, the bright colours of summer slowly begin to fade away into the distance and are replaced with the more earthy colours of Autumn. And which one is my favourite you ask!? MUSTARD of course!

Colour. It’s something we all know I like to try and avoid, but I’ve made it a promise to myself to try and embrace a wider palette on the spectrum. I have since discovered my love for mustard yellow. It’s a colour that has made the rounds on the Fashion Week circuit, and it’s tipped to be one of the big trends of the upcoming season, so it seemed like a good a place as any to start.

Given how short-lived my last attempt to add something mustard yellow to my wardrobe was, I can’t say I was expecting this to be a complete hit, though I’m pretty open to trying new things at least once or twice. So I packed this Boohoo sweater away with me for our, and perhaps what was most surprising to me was just how versatile it is. I love how it pairs with white jeans, as it makes the colour really pop, but it also looks gorgeous with a muted heather grey, worn with denim of all sorts, or contrasting against a black skirt, and I imagine it would also pair well with blush pink if you really wanted to go all out.

Taking a little bit of inspiration from Zuppe Clothing,  I paired the sweater with a white denim skirt and with some Designer inspired triple black trainers – the only thing really missing from this  look was a classic black leather belt at the waist. For someone who generally avoids colour, throwing the sweater on with a skirt that essentially provides a blank canvas was the way to go, and it quickly became one of the pieces in my suitcase that I reached for the most during our three-week vacation at home.

Is mustard yellow a colour you plan on adding to your wardrobe for the upcoming season???