Office Wear For The Early Autumn

Get the office look this Autumn

As most of us spend most of our days stuck in the office, we need to make sure we do this with style and comfort. I actually spend more time in my work clothes than i do in clothes of my choice, so this year i have made it my priority to gather a great autumn collection that is ready for the office. Having already shopped around a little online, i will share with you the best of my findings

Neat and tidy Autumn blouses

A great place to start for office wear is the classic fitted blouse. This great piece from Marks & Spencer particularly caught my eye due to its value and great easy-to-wear shape. This can be teamed with a great pair of ankle grazer trousers or of course, the office classic, a short fitted skirt like this beauty from H&M!

As he autumn season gets into full swing, the range of blouses available will be endless. Frill front blouses are always a personal favourite of mine. They are always extremely comfortable but also stylish. Rather than a plain button through front, the added detail of a front frill gives a more elegant look….It also makes your colleagues realise you do still like to make a bit of effort.