Colour Pallet For Autumn 2018

Which colours are to hit us this autumn?

As with every fashion season, there are hit colour shades that will be high on trend for the full season. This summer has seen extensive ranges in shades of pink and pastel colours. While vibrant colours such as tangerine and turquoise made a short lived impression on the summer, the pastel shades of nude pink, lavender and blush really were the statement colours of the summer. The success of styles such as this fantastic piece by Boohoo really show the volumes being reached when the colour shade is perfect.

So the question now is…which colours are going to be a big hit this Autumn? We are already seeing the emergence of the popular autumn shade of mustard. Harsher shades of mustard can be a bit too much, especially in any outer garments like jackets or jumpers. Slightly dusted shades of sunflower/mustard are already hitting the likes of Topshop (shown here in this fantastic slouch hoodie) and H&M as the big stores start to prepare for the transitional period.

After studying many autumn/winter 2018 fashion bloggers and designers, many shades of ‘Tan’ were frequent. Tan and mustard actually sit really well together and the combination of a cute tan pencil skirt teamed with a basic mustard top is a great place to start for the early Autumn look.

As we get further into the season, certain colours will flash up and be gone before we know it. I’ve got a feeling that pink may be a colour to flow over from summer into autumn. Not what we were expecting but who doesn’t love pink? As soon as i hear anything, you guys are the first to know!