Starting The Wardrobe Transition


This is a really funny time of year when it comes to deciding on an outfit. Whatever the occasion may be, our outfits are usually decided by the weather. And at this time of year , the weather can be very unpredictable…and so can some outfit decisions. Items of clothing specifically designed for this time of year are usually labelled as ‘transitional’ garments. This usually means the garments will match the fabric weight of summer, but the colour pallet of Autumn. The big stores such as Topshop are already showcasing the early mid-season transitional range. Items like this cute bardot top¬†really still give that summer vibe but with deeper, autumnal colour themes.

Must have items for the transitional period

There are some fantastic, easy to wear, very basic design essentials that will ease you through this transitional period. An easy place to start is this simple basic vest from River Island. Although it may be simple and somewhat ‘boring’…the versatility of this style means it can be worn with numerous different outfits whilst giving that early Autumn feel. Team this with these basic culottes from H&M and you already have a very stylish and very affordable outfit for the upcoming transitional period

If you are a small retailer then wholesale clothing websites run extensive ranges of basic tops, and will already be adding the transitional colours. The simple basics may not win any fashion awards but they are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe and they will sell in the masses!