To Sale or Not to sale

Is it just me or do the Spring/Summer sales seem to start earlier and earlier every year? The sun is currently cracking the flags all over the U.K and the independent retailers are really enjoying the summer rush! When the sun comes out the consumers will surely follow. The UK is usually known for its disappointing summers and long, dark winters! Is 2018 the year our fortunes finally change?

The town centres and villages are buzzing with unfamiliar sound of customers hustling and bustling around the crammed retail areas. While this is time for the independent retailers to really take advantage of the tills ringing, creeping into a mid-season sale is also a great idea. This may help to shift some dead stock whilst the customers are out, but also a great period to buy deals from wholesale suppliers. Wholesale suppliers will now be entering the stage where the begin the ‘winding down’ process. This basically means the continuous influx of new stock will stop, and the focus will shift onto selling every last item they have. This means there will be some bargains up for grabs and of course some money to be made

Browsing the online sales can become a bit mundane. A quick look at Topshop and River Island will basically bring the same results. Both will be offering up to 70% off, and there are some great styles on offer! High summer garments at fantastic prices. If you are looking to top up your wardrobe for this summer or for the next, get yourself in there early and get the best of the bargains that are available!