A little Inspiration

Some Spring/Summer Inspiration

Everyone is happy today! The sun is out and it is almost weekend! I wanted to check in with you guys and share some of my current findings in spring/summer wholesale fashion, including several pieces from Zuppe Clothing Company and more. This is one of those outfits that just makes you feel good. It’s comfy (belly-friendly), moves with you, and is easy to transition from casual (wore it with flats + a head scarf) to dressy. Don’t be scared by the idea of crop tops if you’re my age or older! When styled with higher-waisted bottoms instead of midriff-baring ones, the resulting look can be rather elegant.


I am really loving all of these lined, pleated skirt garments, the style tagged fits wonderfully, with no sign of wrinkles after being flattened in a suitcase. It flows nicely and seriously looks good with even the simplest tops like a striped tee or tank! The waistband is elasticised, and an XS should be fitted on a 24″ – 25″ waist. It’s also available in other classic colours like blush, navy, and this blue & white print (which is prettier in-person, IMO)! Images of the outfit pieced together can be found on Pinterest from various users, as the popularity of this trend grows, the idea of how to adapt the look do also with images and idea popping up all over my Insta and Pinterest