The Ultimate Summer Clear Out!

I just recently cleaned out my wardrobe and had a friend help me. And I realised, sometimes it takes someone else in your mind to REALLY help you get rid of things you don’t need. An impartial third party. So it inspired me to write this post and help all you ladies and gentlemen out there to get your best closet yet! Cleansing your wardrobe could also be a great way to unearth some pieces that you have forgotten about. I love nothing more than stumbling across a jacket or pair of boots that you had forgotten about. 

I have never been a fan of an uncomfortable, pain-causing five inch heel. And now no one has to be. With block and kitten heels on the rise, or on the down, you can get that lift you need and stay on trend without causing your feet to go numb. If you haven’t taken a block heel for a spin, nows your chance. Cause seriously there are SO many cool ones out there. If you want a smaller heel then a Chelsea boot could be a go to for you. If you come across a pair of shoes or boots that you paid a hefty price for but don’t fit you anymore then don’t throw them away! There are so many ways of selling them on. Debop is one of our personal favourites. You can create a profile and put all your unwanted clothing on there. Its very easy to use and they have a handy mobile app so you can keep an eye out for any interest you might receive. 

This one’s pretty easy. It’s no fun to put on something too small and somethings just weren’t meant to be baggy. Jeans stretch out too much and that’s life. If it doesn’t fit you, then you don’t need it. That’s really all there is. Don’t be afraid to have a clear out. The way we look at it…you’re only making more room for new clothing! Winning!