5 styles making a comeback

You’ve probably already reinvigorated your wardrobe with updated classics like bike shorts, chokers, handkerchief hems and maybe even a new Juicy Couture tracksuit. That’s because what was once tacky has suddenly become trendy again. Truth is, fashion loves a comeback and designers have brought back concepts from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early aughts that we all thought were dead and buried (hi there, scrunchies).

But even with all this resurrection, we still feel there are some old-school styles that deserve another shot. From the 80s jacket that proved you ran with the in-crowd to the brand that introduced our preteen selves to colour blocking, here are the fashion trends we’re hoping will be given a second chance.

Wind Breakers & Bombers

They were the only way to tell you were “in” in the 80s, but with bombers and windbreakers back in the fashion fold, these jackets deserve a revisit. Neon colourways always look great in this sort of jacket even if you might look like you’re off on a ski holiday.

Rubber Bracelets

Madonna loved her bracelets in the 80s and even in the midst of stacks like these, the rubber ones still stood out. The skinny bracelets popped back up in the early 2000’s with even Beyoncé sporting them, but we think the inexpensive accessory should be given another shot.

Laceless Sneakers

Back in the 80s, Run-D.M.C. rocked their Adidas Superstars sans laces. And with the prevalence of grandpa sneakers today, we think slipping out those laces would be an improvement. #Swagger

Bright Colours

We miss those brightly coloured caps, tees and pants (you know, colour blocking before colour blocking was a thing). We have high hopes this look is about to find its way back to the limelight, especially since Bruno Mars and Cardi B have been rocking the look while performing their hit “Finesse (Remix)”. If its cool enough for bruno, its cool enough for us.