Add some colour to your Summer wardrobe

It’s time to get rid of the dark colours and add some sunshine to your wardrobe. You don’t want to be sat outside having drinks with friends dressed head to toe in black like a lot of people do in Winter. Theres a good chance you could be reduced to a puddle of sweat if you do. Here’s our favourite colours and stripes to wear this season

Stripe It Up!

If any print shouts Summer, it’s stripes! Horizontal, vertical, pretty much any type are a winner when it comes to fashion. With pastels set to be huge this Summer trying to incorporate those shades into you stripe outfit would really set the look off. A stripe tailored suit would be a fantastic addition to your fashion repertoire.


The fashion shows were awash with all sorts of pastels hues. We all know whatever colours are worn at the fashion shows are going to be huge that season. More is better so don’t be afraid to purchase any pastel colour clothing, in particular lavender or lemon. But the key is to make everything match with your pastel item, and yes, you’re gonna be all into summer after buying a pastel piece of clothing.

Make it Simple

Ok, now we understand that not everyone has the time or luxury to pick out the perfect outfit for everyday. And after all we need our sleep as well.

So make it simple with your summer colours with some light denim and a white tee. Making you ready for summer since the 50’s.

Be Bold

Some of us love to make a statement don’t we. If that’s the case then don’t hold back. Primary colours are set to be huge. Siren red, royal blue and sunshine yellow are the colours to look out for!

Prints and More Prints

A way of making you and everyone around you know that Summer is definitely here is to wear some vibrant, colourful prints. We think floral prints are always a winner. Flowers are a direct link to Summer so wearing a dress with a floral print doesn’t get much more Summery.