Outfits for When It’s Too Hot to Wear Anything

Summer is officially on it’s way and maybe it’s just us but we getting really excited about all the cute outfits we can out together when the sun begins to show its face. We know that the easiest thing to do is throw on a dress and some sandals and call it a day — there is nothing wrong with that but get your creative juices flowing and try something out of your comfort zone this Summer season?

Devising a layered look that lacks, well, layers is no easy feat. So we took a look at the catwalks from Milan, London, New York & Paris and put together a list of some great tips to make you stand out this Summer.


The athleisure trend is carrying on into the Summer and the designers are producing more and more fantastic collections, in particular, polo shirts. With their arm-slimming half sleeves, breezy collars and inexplicably sexy fit, polos are set to be a wardrobe staple this Summer. If you want to go full tennis player extraordinaire then grab a pleated skirt and a Fred Perry polo.

Indiana Jones Eat Your Heart Out

Rumour has it, it’s cool to wear really long shorts. The modest sister of the denim short shorts. While we are on the subject of denim…stay well clear if the temperatures are soaring. Opt for a linen fabric and channel your inner Dr Jones in linen or tailored trouser shorts. Pair with you tan sandals, a plain white oversized tee. Go full Indiana Jones and get a tan satchel to match your footwear.

Denim Shorts

I know I have literally just told you to steer clear of denim shorts but there are so many great varieties and fits that it’s gonna be hard for you to stay away. We recommend opting for a high waisted, ‘bloomer’ style short. Bring your look to the next level by wearing a statement bag, go for bright colours and then got for a tie up boob tube to complete the outfit.