“Dad” sneaker and how to wear it

The hot trend is back

Every once in a while a trend comes along (or comes back) that we never imagined we’d be on board with—fanny packs and shoulder pads, for instance—and the dad sneaker falls squarely within that category. You know the look: a middle-aged dude wearing relaxed-fit, medium-wash jeans (or jean shorts), a tucked-in shirt, chunky white sneakers, possibly accessorised by a Gucci inspired belt or sports team hat. We’ll admit that the look doesn’t exactly exude glamour or sophistication, but if it is a fashion trend who am I to ignore it?

Yet it turns out that there’s a gem buried within all those nondescript pieces, and that’s the chunky sneaker. When done right, these kicks go with everything from office suits to sequin dresses, bringing an irreverence to an ensemble that might otherwise seem to take itself a tad too seriously.

What occasions can we wear the dad sneaker?

We did some very official research on how to successfully master the art of the dad sneaker and discovered that it can work with pretty much any outfit. Going to the office? Ditch the heels for a chunky platform sneaker. Date night? Sneakers are the coolest and comfiest option. Ok so if you begin to wear these every day you might start to seem a little too casual. I mean, if you are wearing a cocktail dress to an evening event i wouldn’t go and slip on my sneakers, i would opt for the high heels, but for many occasions now the dad sneaker is taking centre stage….and we love it!! Your latest pair of jeans is my favourite to team up with these but as mentioned above the look is now endless.