The Five Shades You Should Be Wearing Right Now

Keeping up with fashion trends can be a full-time job. With everything from cuts, colours and fabrics to think about on a daily basis, the sartorial landscape is a fickle minefield that must be approached with confidence, creativity and a tongue in cheek attitude.

So to ensure a smooth transition through the seasons with your love for fashion intact, we’ve succinctly rounded up the five shades you should be caught wearing right now.

Power blue

Having consecutively dabbled in a whole spectrum of pastel shades over the years it’s refreshing to discover a new take on the palette. So if you’re searching for a fresh new hue for spring, team your baby blues with ripped denim, crisp white shirts or pleated metallics. Check out this top from ASOS to get what we mean.


Granted it’s certainly not the simplest of shades to master with every inevitable spill and stain visible for all to see, but the angelic hue is to be your best friend this season. Wear it head to toe with pride for maximum impact and for the love of all that is holy do not let anything other than water pass your lips! PUT THE RED WINE DOWN!


Spotted last season and showing no signs of slowing down, lilac is the sweet and feminine tone that you need in your life. Fuelled by it’s ultra violet cousin that took the top spot as Pantone colour of the year, the demure purple shade works best in the form of chunky knits for now and delicate sheer blouses for spring. Topshop have released some fantastic styles in a wide variety of lilac hues so makes sure you take a look for some inspo.


Yep you heard us right, brown. The uninspiring shade has had a surprising resurgence thanks to a whole new host of warm tones. Wear rich caramel oversized and teamed with a clean white tee or for the more experimental out there, match up darker shades with vibrant corals or emerald green.


And last but not least, sticking around for the long haul is pink. With a shade to suit all skin tones and tastes it’s no wonder the colour is still firmly within our sights. Reinvent the hue for spring by investing in pink based pleated florals or team pastel shades with red for colour blocking that really packs a punch.