Vintage florals and stunning stripes

Vintage floral designs

The spring/summer season of 2018 is going to be a big burst of floral patterns. In particular, after much research across wholesale and retail platforms, vintage floral designs have stood out like a sore thumb. What qualifies as a vintage floral design? What is the difference between a normal floral and a vintage floral design? These are the questions I am often asked. And the answer is not as simple as it seems.

Any vintage floral pattern will always use the “smokey rose” effect as it is known in the trade. This does not mean only rose flower designs can be classed as vintage floral patterns, it is simply a turn of phrase. The meaning behind it comes from the idea of using smokey, somewhat Autumn themed colours. Strange right!? Autumnal themed colours in spring? Well actually…yes! It it works fantastically well. The idea of a burnt orange rose on a sleek crepe fabric playsuit is the exact idea of a vintage floral pattern… as shown here at Zuppe Clothing Company. This smokey floral print playsuit is a perfect example of using Autumnal themes perfectly to create a vintage floral Spring/Summer design

Standing out in stripes

Stripe prints and patterns are another annual fashion must have. And yes i do mean for the spring/summer, but hey if you feel like rocking it you can do this in Autumn, who’s to stop you? But anyway, back to this season, and yes as we guessed stripes are now becoming the forefront of fashion once again. Nautical themed dresses are already readily available in most high street stores, and most definitely at wholesale level. Stunning stripe tea dresses are proving popular, along with the most basic of striped casual tops. Italian linen designs are definitely on the list of items to look out for, the casual nature of Italian Summer fashion is starting to appeal to the masses as we seek extreme comfort and style as we (well definitely me) creep into our mid-30’s 🙁