Spring designs destined for summer

Spring inspirations set for summer

With the spring season now officially started, after the the aftermath of the unexpected blizzard of snow, I’m going to take a look through some style ideas for your spring/summer wardrobe. With the sun coming out, its appearance can sometimes cause chaos, chaos in deciding which outfit to go for after its unexpected appearance. This by no means you have to dash to your nearest boutique for the latest kaftan or playsuit, firstly take some time to set out ideas of outfits you can create with the garments already piled up in your chest of drawers or wardrobe.

Something old can be something new

At the start of a season switch, the first thing I always do is pack away any winter outfits that will be going into hibernation for the foreseeable future. Secondly i pat the dust off my last seasons summer outfits and see what i can make work for the upcoming summer. Certain styles and outfits are an annual theme, so if the garments are already sat in your wardrobe, it would be silly to not get more wear out of them, right!?

My first step is always my footwear. Whatever we decide to put over our feet can really finish off any great outfit. I often build my outfits around my footwear, hence the reason this is always my stating point. A quick browse through the latest fashion magazine will give a clear indication if any style or design is “so last year”. If i have a gorgeous pair of wedges and they fit the bill, out they come!

Once footwear has been whittled down to what can carry through the season, then its time to simply build outfits around them. Dig out any old casual t-shirts, summer dresses and any holiday outfits. The chances are these styles will still be going strong for the new season, once this cycle has been repeated over timescale of a few years, you will find you have saved a fortune and got the chance to wear some fantastic items you thought had been made redundant in the wardrobe.