Brazen bardot tops and showing some shoulder

 Bardot still bursting with life

Throughout the whole of the spring/summer season of 2017, the popular bardot neckline was at the height of fashion and was seen from pillar to post on the high street. With such a wide variety of styles available, at both retail and wholesale level, they were hard to ignore. From a classic italian vintage floral print bardot styles to a flowing sleek plain silk, the wider audiences were covered. Italian factories producing design after design and the consumers happily reaping the benefits. It really was a great, long standing trends throughout the summer, and this seems to be the case this season

Quickly looking over at any of the big names such as River Island, Topshop etc, bardot designs are yet again taking centre stage. With the beast from the east slightly halting proceedings its fair to say that the spring/summer trading can finally fully begin. With the tills now ringing it was time to re-focus on looking out for any new styles and trends hitting the high streets and that’s exactly what i did. Being a follower of fast fashion i am constantly browsing the latest online fashion fads and amongst it all it was clear to see bardot designs taking the forefront.

My personal favourite was the classic floral tie sleeve bardot style. The tie sleeve gave it just that little bit extra and other than the fact the lemon colour brought my whole outfit to life, it was so comfortable and easy to wear i have made this my MUST HAVE for the season. Check it out here>>>>

So if you have never experimented with the classic bardot look, i urge you to go for it. Show that little bit of shoulder and earn the comfort that comes with it. Summer days are all about relaxing and and being stress free. Bardot designs can be worn anywhere on any occasion, another thing making them perfect for this season