What’s hot and what’s not for the summer of 18

Things to look out for this summer

With the beast from the east finally behind us and the temperatures beginning to rise, fashion can now get back to business and the wholesalers can breathe again. It was a tricky time for a lot people in the fashion industry. Nervous faces were spread across the whole trade and it was hard to see light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of retailers. Now….this is a distant memory. As soon as the last snowflake had left us the shops were booming and people could finally start panning some great new outfits for the summer.

So what is looking hot for summer

As with most summer fashion seasons, colour is key and there a few stand outs already from the likes of Topshop and Zara. These are focusing heavily on pastel shades and floral prints. Watercolour flower prints are bursting onto the scene and lightweight satin fabrics are set to be huge. After a quick browse online this was quite clear to see and the local wholesale companies are now starting to stock similar items. Living of the back of high street fashion can be a great way to go for many retailers as these often set the standards for this rat race we call the fashion industry

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Have a quick browse through our very own trends section to find out which styles will be making an impact this summer. With constant updates on the latest trends there is no need to struggle with yourself. Small retailers often get torn between what they like and what they think might sell, so let me guide you along this fantastic journey to the best of powers, if anything then fails you can always put the blame on me 🙂