Ways To Style The Military Jacket Trend This Spring

Stand At Ease

Currently frog-marching its way back to the high street, the military jacket returns as a hot-ticket favourite this season. This jacket is no stranger to the catwalk and has been spotted in recent fashion shows from Gucci to Burberry (the original maker of the trench coat). Inspiration for designers this season comes from 18th century French and British uniforms, navy trench and peacoats, and navy jackets.

So what can you expect?

Like the band jackets worn by rock stars like Jimi Hendrix or Michael Jackson, the more “embellished” jackets use the bling of gold buttons, braiding and rope. If this doesn’t take your fancy, other designers have adopted silhouettes with simple brass buttons, or simple piping around pockets and necklines. Whatever your preference, there is a military jacket for everyone. The only restriction is your imagination.

The key aim is to find a military jacket that suits your style this season. Read our list of top tips to help you in selecting that one military jacket that is a must for your wardrobe. Consider the following tips when searching for the perfect look.

  • Double breasted is all the rage, but single buttoned tailored silhouettes are popular alternatives
  • God is in the detail – if you love a bit of drama and glamour find a military jacket that is embellished with gold braid on the sleeves, epaulettes and jacket front
  • For those of us who prefer the “less is more approach”, consider a military inspired jacket with gold flat round buttons down the front and on the sleeve
  • Play with proportions. Consider the peacoat for a boxier, shorter military jacket, with its characteristic vertical pockets in the front
  • Consider a slimmer silhouette for a sexier look, or a tailored jacket for work
  • Looking for a more casual style? Consider an oversized military jacket with less tailoring
  • For outerwear look no further than the trench – decide on whether you would prefer ankle length or mid-thigh. Either is an acceptable length for protecting us from the elements
  • What about a sleeveless jacket that fastens through the front with brass buttons?
  • Also consider colour- blue, black and red are more common, but burgundy is on the rise. Or why not inject a burst of colour with a poppy red/orange?
  • Consider wool, leather and denim.