Stepping Out In Spring

Stepping out in style

With spring fast approaching and the ‘beast from the east’ finally out of sight, the boots and wellingtons can no be put back in the wardrobe and out can come the sandals and sneakers! We will take a quick look of what are hot this season and also what are not. Personally preference is obviously key but here are some quick tips from me to you

Slip Ons

When summer gets into action, so do easy-to-wear slip ons. The range of these already hitting the high street is wonderful, and the wholesale suppliers are taking note. On my last visit to my wholesale suppliers in Manchester, i was amazed to see the variety of styles available. Not only that, but how well they were selling! Espadrilles, easy slip on pumps with diamante and crochet details were all flying of the shelf, so of course i had to purchase some myself

Trainers and sneakers

Believe it or not these are actually two different things, not just American terminology. By definition a trainer is a sports orientated design and a sneaker can be an any of these. Your old pair of Vans or Nike Air max will have to come out this year, as these are going to be huge! Now I’m not saying that this wasn’t already the case, but this year is going to be an acception! High tops will also feature heavily so be on the prowl for a pair of those


Spring season is now going to be all about the Espadrilles! They are already taking centre stage in most high street stores and are massive online! The easy nature of an espadrille makes them such a big favourite of mine. My wardrobe is over-flowing with these and now is my time to shine! I have mine ready and waiting, so make sure you go out there and get yours!