Making The Most Of Summer

Striking while its hot

Here in the U.K, the summer season can be very short lived. While the seasons state it is summer time, sometimes the weather will not concur. But while it may be short-lived, that is not to take anything away from the fantastic fashion ranges available throughout this period. Certain looks and trends are already being penned for the summer with high expectations.

Blooming floral prints will soon be hitting the shop floors and this season sees this theme take on somewhat of a vintage vibe. In the summer of 2017, quite bright and vibrant floral patterns were proving popular and outfits were being designed around this. This year it has taken a more serious approach. Whilst there are definitely going to be splashed of hot pink and sunflower yellow floral designs, keep an eye out for the more vintage looking dusky designs. Dusky rose flowers teamed with anything lilac seems to be a major trend for the upcoming summer, so keep your eyes and out purchase early, merely to get as much wear as you can before the sun vanishes for yet another winter

Summer holiday wardrobe

With the U.K summers being so unpredictable and underwhelming, the summer months are also the most popular time to hop on a plane and get some much needed time on the sand. And of course what is the main part of any summer holiday….the holiday wardrobe of course!! Does anybody actually go on holiday and not take at least 10 more outfits than are what actually needed? I certainly know i don’t. My suitcase is packed with kaftans, summer dresses, bikinis and as many pairs of shoes as my suitcase can hold, and why not!? It’s not every day we get to wear our most summer themed outfits here in the U.K so take advantage while you can!