Following Fashion And Creating Trends

Following fashion and creating trends

As an avid follower of fashion, noticing subtle fashion changes and times to be purchasing such items is something i have mastered over the years. This is down to a high interest in many social media accounts, obviously fashion orientated. It is such a fantastic way of of keeping up to date with new trends and with what’s hot and what’s not! Constant Instagram stories of new styles being added to the ever growing number of online boutiques, is such a unique and emphatic way of displaying the latest fashion it really is a bloggers dream! The quick turnaround of stock and the instantaneous nature of social media updates means they really are perfectly matched

With this new found ‘instant fashion’ it has become easier for the smaller boutiques to start setting the early season trends and sometimes getting one step ahead of the big high street stores. The new ability to display stock directly to peoples devices within minutes of purchasing is giving the online sole traders a very unique and rare advantage! the huge stores plan out their stock buying many months in advance. To delegate deliveries of such bulk and size takes forward planning. For a small boutique owner to quickly visit their wholesale clothing supplier and have the stock available online an hour later, this is the beauty of the new found Insta-Shopping!

As this is now the case, the big trend setters for 2018 is going to be the fast fashion boutiques! Could this be a first? The small boutique taking over the big high street hitters as the original trend setters? If so then all the thanks can go to every platform of social media and the hard work going into the new found way of quickly turning over stock by everyone who has taken the plunge and delved into the online ‘rag trade’.