Tricks of the trade: bloggers guide

If you were to ever stubble across our instagram page you would notice that we a bit obsessed with following fashion bloggers from all around the world. Due to different time zones i am able to see their posts around the clock. I often find myself scrolling through checking out what the fashion bloggers are wearing. We often try to replicate these outfits and I have to admit sometimes It doesn’t always look as good but we are in a world where we have unlimited access to fashion inspiration so the odd fashion hiccup here and there is always going to happen. With fashion bloggers being so highly regarding in today’s industry we have decided to provide a guide to what they consider hot property at the moment. Check it out below…

Get a Hat…. Or Five

Hats are back! I know that some of you will say “hats don’t suit me” or “I haven’t worn a hat since i was a kid”. If that’s the case then you need to change. There are so many different hats out there at the moment that you will find at least, AT LEAST one hat that will be right for you. Baker boy hats and berets are the styles of the moment. Channel your inner Thomas Shelby of the Peaky Blinders with a wool baker boy hat (one of my favourite shows at the moment :)) or go for scarlet red beret for extra fashion brownie points!

A Suit You Can Really Count On

We know that you’ve never really wanted to wear a suit, after all the sea of navy and black suits in the morning is a bit depressing on the tube. So find a suit you can really wear and wear with confidence. Go for a pastel colour or a bright pop of primary colour to really impress your fellow fashionistas. Power suits are also set to be huge this Spring/Summer so think shoulder pads…gigantic shoulder pads.

Mix it up!

One of the greatest strings to a fashion bloggers bow is that they are able to pretty much able throw any outfit together. Think dresses over jeans or making a regular crisp white cotton shirt into something spectacular. Although you might not think you could pull these looks off, try it, you could be leading the way in the street fashion race in your local area.