Italian silks, cottons, linens…..and more!

Spring/Summer Italian Trends

With Spring/Summer fast approaching, the Italian designers finally pack away the angora and wools and they are swiftly replaced with luxurious linens and silks. The influx of these lightweight and easy-to-wear fabrics really do cover all shapes and sizes! From a fitted linen dress to a floaty silk batwing top, they styles produced are fantastic!

Summer Holiday season really is a great time to experiment with Italian fashion. A lightweight embellished kaftan top over a bikini is a great look whilst strolling along the beach. Wholesale clothing companies will stock huge varieties of Italian beach wear. Kaftans range from cotton embroidered designs to embellished lightweight silk. They can be suitable for day time and the evening. They can be dressed up or dressed down. And the real beauty is all these varieties can be found at one of your wholesale suppliers

The wholesale companies have started to rely heavily on the designs produced in Italy. The fast turn over of stock is a great asset for any wholesaler. A fresh new influx of styles to choose from every three weeks or so is ideal. From a retailers point of view, rather than going on spending all your budget in one go it is now easier than ever to break up your buying pattern. This is all thanks to the hard work of the Italian factories and designers. Gone are the days when you do all your stock buying at the beginning of the month, then sit and wait in the hope the goods will sell! These days, frequent trips to your suppliers or constant contact over social media/mobile apps, buying stock has never been easier!

For all the best quality of Italian silks and linens be sure to shop around. They are available in many different qualities and price ranges, be sure to check fabric content if you think the price seems high. Look out for stand out floral print linens and silks, as these are easy money in the till!