Stripe A Pose

Seasonal Stripes

Where would the fashion world be without some stunning stripes!? Stripes have the power to bring any outfit bang into life. They are forever fashionable and to be worn at any time of year. So what’s not to love??

As the spring/summer season gets into full swing, high street stores will be bombarded with huge variations of stripe designs. Stripes can be used to break up a plain outfit and really bring it to life. When the sun begins to crack the flags the sailor stripes will appear, as they always do.

With a lot of the high street stores running a nautical theme throughout the summer season, the variety of styles and designs will be staggering. If we focus on a certain area such as a nautical themed stripe blouse, quick search into Google will bring up an endless variety for you to choose from. Don’t we just love how easy shopping is being made for us these days!

Nautical naughtiness

As mentioned, the nautical stripe theme reappears every summer like clockwork. The traditional navy and white stripe is such a must have look that every celebrity on the planet will don these stripes at some point this summer. Often teamed with red, the nautical navy and white stripe really is a great look to carry. A perfect pair of red shoes, white slim fit jeans and a navy and white striped blouse is such a simple yet affective look. And this will be the look that is readily available on the high street and, with a little digging online, should be very cost effective! Such is the great nature of this look you can grab this outfit all in one store. Not only that you can also have a great range of stores to choose from as none of the big hitters will ever dare to take advantage of this  fantastic annual outfit