No, Just NO! What not to wear this summer

What are the big no no’s this summer

As we all know, in the fashion world, what people perceive as fashionable is always down to preferential taste. Catwalk fashion is so out there that no normal person would be seen dead wearing any of it, let’s face it. But with high street fashion being more toned down variations of this, are there any big NO’s when teaming up the perfect outfit?

Let’s have a look

Firstly, i must reiterate the fashion is always down to personal choice and if you feel good in it then that is the style for you, but with some of the disasters the celebrities of the world throw on trying to catch the eye, there are some things i would definitely avoid. Tops, trousers, or footwear, nothing is safe!

The first of these is the over-exaggerated shoulder pad design that Gemma Collins infamously tried to bring to the stage. Let’s be honest, it failed miserably. The ridiculously oversized shoulder pads added nothing to the outfit apart from completely ruining the rest of it. These were planned to be huge for this summer but thankfully that idea has now been shelved

The second . Is crocs. Please…Just NO! With such a fantastic range of footwear available why anybody would punish themselves and their feet by branding them with these is beyond me. So please, if just for my sake, don’t fall victim to these fashion disasters…NO matter how hot it gets!

And last but not least, which may prove unpopular, is pedal pushers! Please just no. I don’t know what it is with these that i really don’t like, but i seriously don’t. If it’s too hot for jeans then why not wear shorts? Or a skirt? If it’s too cold for these why not just wear jeans? Or trousers? The compromise of length in trouser is a serious compromise of in fashion. These are such an easy item of clothing to avoid, so please….make sure you do 🙂