5 Things Every Woman Must Own

1. The LBD – That’s Not So Little Anymore

It’s been said in fashion folklore for years that every girl has to have a little black dress. Well we’re not gonna argue with that. An LBD is an absolute must, a wardrobe staple. A fantastic go to style for a party or a event that you can always fall back on if the dress you ordered online turns up and just isn’t doing it for you. The little black dress doesn’t have to be as little these days as longer length styles give a sense of elegance. Add ruffles and lace inbot the mix and you’ve got the perfect failsafe outfit.

2. A Great White Shirt

A crisp white shirt is a must have piece for any women. Be sure to shop around to find the right one. We suggest finding one with a great cuff and maybe in an oversized fit. Remember it’s worth looking around for the perfect white shirt as it will be the base of a lot of outfits you will put together. Wear with tailored trousers for a great office worthy look or pair with jeans and heels to wear when hitting the town for drinks with friends.

3. A Checked Blazer

This is one jacket you quite literally could wear with everything. It’ll totally smarten up your jeans and tee on the weekend and will complete a mini dress on the weekend. As it gets colder into the winter, our top styling tip is to do the “double jacket”, and wear your blazer under your usual coat.

4. A Flat Leather Chelsea Boot

And not just any kind. They have to be black leather (not suede), super minimal and have a wide opening at the ankle. Ideal with jeans or to give a little edge to summer dresses – these will come out year in, year out. They’re also great for festivals as they scrub up really well afterwards.

 5. A Great Straight Leg Pair Of Jeans

If there’s just one expensive pair of jeans you buy (and you should), it needs to be a slightly high waist with a straight leg.  The perfect cut with a great level of stretch, to suit almost any figure. They’re also not going to lose their shape for a very long time so definitely worth the investment.