An Italian Spring

Italian Fashion This Spring

Italian fashion is an ever present throughout the year, but during the spring/summer season the classic floaty and loose looking Italian clothing really comes to fruition. The term ‘Italian Fashion’ is obviously directed at fashion designed and made in one of the many factories in Italy, but it also comes with its own unique style and characteristics. What we usually associate with Italian fashion is the very oversized, one size fits all side of fashion, which is becoming more and more popular with every year that passes.

The Italian clothing industry is well known for fabrics such as silk, linen and really fine cottons. And obviously these fabrics are hugely popular in the spring/summer season. Paying particular attention to the silks and linen range, here is a quick guide on what to look out for when buying form your wholesale clothing suppliers.

Silk is a very luxurious fabric and wearing it on a hot summer day can instantly make you more comfortable and able to deal with the striking sun. So what ilk garments are hitting the high streets, if any? Having done my research i can see that watercolour prints, on a silk base, are going to be HUGE this summer. There is something about watercolour prints and silk that just go hand in hand. The delicate nature of silk teamed with the soft style of printing that watercolour gives is really a match made in heaven. So look out for these style of designs and hand pick yourself what you believe to be the best for your clientele.

Italian linen ranges can come in many shapes and sizes. Hugely oversized linen tunics or fitted linen tops. I would say that linen ranges tend to be aimed at a more mature audience, but a classic, plain linen trouser can be everybody’s cup of tea. When the summer sun is cracking the flags, a basic linen trouser is a must. The coolness and of the fabric and how lightweight it is is perfect for the summer months. And this fact makes the audience for these vast and endless, so make sure you are stocking them!