Stepping into Style!

Step into spring summer

Now that the long winter nights are becoming less frequent and the days stretch longer, away go the autumn winter boots and out come the summer shoes! Whether the occasion calls for a subtle heel or a stand out trainer, be sure to get the right look this season! The subtle switch from Autumn to Spring quickly arrives. The winter sales are starting to die down and the new stock is becoming more apparent on the high street shop floors.

Spring Summer 2017 was the season of the sneaker and the casual/sport style overall look. And this is set to continue to grow stronger throughout 2018! With Active wear now being a part of day to day life for a lot of us, these go hand in hand with a great pair of trainers/sneakers. The more active the lifestyle the more active the footwear. If you were to view the figures for Hunters walking boots last season you would be amazed to see the spike in figures! So what does this tell us? That even waking boots are now part of high street fashion…I know, unbelievable right!?

The very popular active 2 piece sets are a good reason behind the sudden surge in the sales of womens trainers. With health and fitness now becoming a huge part of social media it has seamlessly slipped into high street fashion. Active lounge sets and “gym wear” are propelling the sales of trainers, but with the big brands taking notice of this and hiking up prices, now is the time for the smaller retailers to nip under the radar, with their unbranded but fantastic designs, and take the gap in the market. So i would advise any boutique owners to focus on their target audience and select the relevant styles and designs to suit their customers… pick the correct styles and they will be guaranteed to fly of the shelves!