Lady In Red, Be My Valentine

Roses are red, so is my dress!

With the day of love, the celebration of Saint Valentine, fast approaching, those who are lucky enough to celebrating this occasion there is only one rule….You must wear something red! I am not implying you must be head to toe in red of course, but maybe a little just to go with this annual event. Red is clearly the colour we relate to valentines day and of course with the symbol of love, but we also love red apparel! A classic red dress are visible in most female wardrobes along with matching bag, shoes, jacket, cardigan, lipstick and nail varnish!

As we know red can also be teamed perfectly with black. Valentines day is a perfect time to create a stand out outfit using my two favourite clothing colours. Black is such a good base for any outfit. I know a lot of people view black garments as the easy way out, but we see so much of it because it is such a good tool to have. Lets be honest, it takes a quite spectacular two colour combo outfit to not clash and avoid a social nightmare. So black is a great colour to break the harshness of two colours up. And red and black is my personal favourite.

With Valentines day just around the corner,  the high street stores will now re-merchandise their window display with an explosion of red! Red balloons and love hearts will be pumped into our faces and drag us into the store using the power of colour! But don’t worry, it won’t just be a pretty window display, the rails will be full of red clothing delightfulness to make us stand out in the loved filled bars around the town this Valentines!

Personally, i have my perfect red dress set aside waiting….Now I’m just waiting for the offer of a date 🙁