From Italy with Love

As we start to creep into Spring we will start to see more and more Italian stock hitting the high street and your local independent boutiques. Something about the Italian stock we see every year around this time screams sophistication and elegance. From luxurious silk style to soft touch Italian cotton, it just has that wow factor that most ladies are looking for whilst out shopping for a new wardrobe. It might be dull here for the time being but once you add some Italian flare to your wardrobe I will guarantee it will brighten up your day. Below is a breakdown of some fabrics and style you are likely to see over the next coming months…


If you like the finer things in life then silk has to be your go to fabric. The great thing about the Italians is that they understand luxury. From their cars to their food they know how to overindulge. When it comes to fashion, nothing changes. Some of the finest dresses, tunics, and tops are imported from Italy and make their way onto our high street. If you see something in silk you really like…don’t hold back. The price may be a bit steep but this sort of garment is an investment. Silk is a timeless fabric so can be worn again and again, year after year.

Italian Cotton

Italy has long been associated with the weaving and production of fine textiles since hundreds of years. Time honoured traditions have been handed down through the generations with globally recognised brands having their roots deeply seeded in Italy. If you’re lucky enough to have worn Italian cotton before then you know how fantastic this fabric is. If you haven’t had the privilege, we suggest you change that this spring/Summer. Italian cotton is available in a variety of styles such as dresses, tops, tunics, jackets and trousers. If you can find a style in this fabric and it is teamed up with some intricate hand stitched embroidery then don’t hesitate…BUY IT!