Do we ever double denim

Double denim? Is it such a crime?

This is one of the longest, ongoing arguments in fashion! Is double denim a complete no-go or is it now becoming acceptable? Well let me tell you, in the current market it is one of the hottest outfits you can have! Double denim is going to be the stand out power this spring/summer! Denim jackets and skirt combos, with a funky pair of Van style pumps really is going to be a great look. This look tends to have its moments in fashion every now and then, and spring/summer 2018 could be the best yet!

All the high street stores are hitting the denim hard this year, with the student indie/rock look really taking over the likes of Topshop and ASOS. Distressed denim always adds a cool, grunge look to an all denim outfit which can often be teamed with Doc Martin Style boots to really give off the 80s mod-rocker vibe! Whilst we are on the subject, double denim and Doc Martins…OMG! This is just absolutely perfect! I recently purchased my first ever pair of these and i was literally in shock at how comfortable they are! Teamed up with my skinny jeans these are a great new look for me and something i never envisaged in my earlier years

While the double denim look may not be your bag, every girl always has room for a great pair of classic skinny jeans. Ripped skinny jeans may be over with the end of the Autumn/Winter 17 but a good old classic skinny jean will never fade out. Black skinny jeans vacate every wardrobe, ever! Black skinny jeans can be used to boycott the complete double denim look by breaking up a washed denim jacket with a classic pair of black skinny jeans, and of course my now favourite brand new doc martins 🙂