Stepping Into Style

What’s hot this season in footwear?

Part of any great outfit is a pair of great shoes! I say shoes…. This could be trainers, pumps, espadrilles, brogues, high heels…The list is endless! So what footwear is big for Spring/Summer 2018? Let me tell you.

Metallic trainers are HUGE for the upcoming Spring/Summer. Lots of cool and trendy designs are already hitting the shop floors and being snatched up by the followers of fashion. Having done some digging and shopping around i have noticed a strong presence of rose gold metallic designs. I absolutely love this colour and added into some metallic designs some of the creations are fantastic! With different levels of metallic, from the subtle to the extravagant, the range available is fantastic so take a look around and find they style that suits you.

Next on the metallic agenda was metallic brogues! These truly are fantastic. Since 2016 these have been used to dress up and dress down an outfit, with a new, more casual demeanour coming through. And this is the same now. Brogues can be used to smarten up a casual outfit or slightly dress down any formal attire. The metallic brogues that are starting to hit the shelves are even more perfect! With the metallic vibe flowing the retail sector, these are great to add a bit of metallic spice to your life!

Further on, as the summer approaches, out are coming the espadrilles! The plans for these are huge and the designs already being produced are not far short of outrageous. Diamante designs, stripe prints, pastel colours have already started to creep into the wholesale suppliers which means it will not be long before they are hitting the shelves. These are obviously high summer footwear as most are made purely from cotton, but that’s not to say that now is not the time to buy them, as these will be snatched up quickly as soon as the Sun makes an appearance.