5 Street Style Trends That Will Take Off This Year

The street style trends of 2018, of course, are only just beginning. But we’re always looking forward, and so are the people who get photographed at fashion week. So we’ve revisited our archive of street style snaps from the last round of shows to uncover telltale signs of the trends that are going to be big. From the print everyone will adopt to the boot style you won’t be able to avoid, scroll through the list below to see what the new street style trends of 2018 will look like.

1. Cowboy Boots

Western-style boots have already been trending over the past few months. Yes, you can wear them with skirts and Snake print is key to this trend—especially if you want to go for a more ’70s vibe.

2. Purple

Named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018, purple will reign supreme. In the past the colour has often been branded to tricky to wear but this year it seems it has had the green light so don’t hold back. The more purple in your life the better. If you really want to make an impact then add red for an extra-bold statement. Of course, it’s not all-purple or nothing so feel free to pepper it into a colourful ensemble.

3. Brash Logos

This trend isn’t out of steam for 2018—logos are plastered over everything. From motif tees to logo bags, this trend is going to be everywhere. Like likes of Paco Rabanne and Calvin Klein will be the big hitters on the logo scene this season.

4. Statement Trench Coats

Spring 2018’s trench coats are quite experimental. Not all trench coats are plain beige—plastic finishes and prints are also available. We want, excuse me, NEED a leopard-print trench coat. If you want to make a statement then this is most definitely the look for you! Even if your trench is traditional, you can still style it to look unique. Have it draped off the shoulder for example.

5. Straw Accessories

From boater hats to raffia bags, straw will be trending yet again. Straw bags were huge last Summer and it looks like the trend is set to carry over into the Summer for another year. The whole “carrying a straw bag in the city” thing isn’t going anywhere.