5 Trends You’ll Definitely Be Wearing This Spring Summer 2018

Ice Cream Pastels

You will be drooling at the site of these ice cream pastels shades that are set to huge this Spring/Summer season. Pastel colours have dominated the runways all around the world and are set to filter down into the high street stores. The key shades are going to be strawberry red, lemon, peach, lavender and mint green. If you can’t decide on which one to wear, do what the supermodels are doing and go for a triple scoop of colour. These colours work hand in hand so don’t be afraid to clash them from time to time.

Primary Colours

In stark contrast to the pastel colours mentioned above came the bright and bold colour palette of primary colours. From brick reds, to carnation pinks and dandelion yellow to cerulean blues it appeared the designers of the fashion world had rediscovered their inner child and used their old crayola crayons palette for reference. We are not complaining though as pops of colour are perfect for when we finally start to receive some sunshine.

Plastic Fantastic

Although at this moment in time we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic the planet is using it does not seem like the fashion world has got the memo. Plastic is certainly fantastic this Spring/Summer season. Plastic macs are set to be huge as are plastic ankle & knee high boots. I suppose being able to give your shoes a quick wipe down after a heavy night on the town isn’t such a bad thing at all. If you’re feeling extra adventurous then rubber is the next step. Pencil skirts and gloves were spotted on the catwalks. A bit out there i know, but if you get it right it really does like great!

Purple Reign

What do Prince, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and The Queen have in common? Well, they’ve all sported what Pantone is hailing as the colour of 2018. Say hello to ‘Ultra-Violet,’ a vibrant shade of purple. Spotted at Balenciaga, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Loewe, prepare for a lot of purple-tinged street style shots.

Timeless Trench

With a trench coat in some form or shape appearing on practically every runway, by the end of the show season it was clear that this is the key piece for spring summer 2018. Two tone trench coats were spotted on the runways, oversized, almost cape like, trench coats made an appearance while the classic A-line shape reigned supreme like always. Trench coats are a timeless piece that would be a great investment for not only this Spring/Summer but for years to come.