Top Picks for SS18

Getting started in 2018

With Spring/Summer 2018 fashion season now well underway, certain styles and trends are starting to come to the forefront and stand as as the must haves for SS18. As mentioned previously, this bombardment of pearls is still hitting us strongly…and we are absolutely loving it!! All the beautifully detailed pearl designs out there at the moment are really to be appreciated. I recently made a trip to my local wholesale clothing supplier to get an idea of what ideas and designs are floating around. I was astounded and amazed to see so many delicately designed pearl detailed garments. Pearl jumpers, pearl tops, pearl leggings, pearl jeans… PEARLS PEARLS PEARLS. It literally was fantastic. I had picked out my favourite design and off i went.

Another TOP PICK for SS18 is the resurgence of all shades of Lavender. Lavender is normally considered as a pastel version of Lilac, and this spring it really is spring it is going to be HUGE. It was a colour that grabbed me as soon i saw it the wholesalers. Little splashes of this splendid shade we appearing in every corner of my eye. And it is impossible for it to not catch your attention! So if you are a boutique owner or just a big follower of fashion, keep your eyes out for the colour lavender on the rails. With pastel shades always taking the centre stage throughout the short spring season, they each take turns to dominate one another and this is the year for Lavender. As i mentioned even delicate shades of Lilac or even purple may come onto the radar.

And while we are on the topic of TOP PICKS, from my experience, if the colour lavender is big for the spring. As the summer season starts to drift into winter, the pastel shades will darken, therefore i am going to stick my neck on the line and tell you now….PURPLE will be the on trend colour for AW18!!