Pearls, Studs and Sparkle

Pearl and sequin trends

Carrying of from the winter of 2017, pearls have bombarded their way into the spring/summer 18 season. From Pearl jumpers, jackets, casual tops to scarves, they are HUGE this season. Subtle pearl trim designs are particularly strong and featuring highly on then high street. Many wholesale companies are now bringing these into their spring summer range after experiencing the success of these throughout the autumn/winter season.

Along with the heavy feature of pearls, sequins and diamante designs are also high on the agenda. I mean sometimes you just can’t beat throwing on your oversized, plain hoody and dealing with the day. But on the days where you decide to dress up a bit, these subtle trims are perfect to tie in a bit of fashion with your casual look.

Sequins here to stay

Sequins are heavily related to the festive season. But this does not mean that is where they belong. A quick glance at any of the latest fashion magazines you will see a huge variety of sequin and studded apparel. It is so hot on trend they have been hard to ignore. My advice to any small retailers or online traders is to introduce these to the range as soon as possible. On your next visit to your wholesale clothing suppliers make a point of asking for these ranges. They will all have a variety of designs available so select what will best fit your portfolio.

To summarise, pearl and sequin designs are running really hot right now and the demand is clear to see. So stock up and supply the demand. In the fashion industry, these trends in fashion must be followed and adhered to, to keep up with the ever growing competition. So let the sequins sparkle and the pearls press forward, as they are here in 2018, and here to stay!