Slick Silks And Sizzling Summers

Silks for summer

When the Spring/Summer 2018 season is in full swing and the temperatures are rising, the silk ranges start to hit the rails. The Italian factories are known worldwide for their fantastic ranges of silks and printed silks. The plain silk collection will normally cover everything from a camisole vest to a full length ball gown. the list is endless. As is the range of silks the Italians have on offer. Many factories and manufacturers across Italy will solely focus on plain and printed silks. The plain, and sometimes more glamorous, range of silk designs are usually a highlight.

With silk garments being able to be produced in many different weights and designs, the items available are endless, and they make for a fantastic Spring/Summer clothing range. When entering the world of printed silks, you will see a vast range of watercolour and subtle prints. Watercolour, floral designs are a great way to brighten up garments for spring without being to loud or risky.

Now for the big one for SS18… Silk skirts! Following the trends of last years spring, floaty or pleated, even fitted skirts are going to be a big hit. With the great way they can dress up or dress down an outfit, the range of skirts coming onto the high streets is fantastic. The main fabric base for a lot these skirts for the upcoming Spring is SILK! With the natural soft touch feel and comfort of the fabric, the fact it teams up so well with the Spring season is expected. It has been floating around nearly every season that comes around but every now and then it really starts to dominate the high street…and SS18 is one of those seasons!

So whatever your style or clientele for your store, be sure to stock some of these fantastic Silk ranges this season. The variety will be available to found out what suits you or your store and take advantage while you can! Silk dresses, silk tops, silk skirts, silk shorts….all will be available