Wrap up for the start of spring

Do coats sell in spring

As nearly everybody who is in the clothing industry knows, the best selling time for coats and jackets is in the run up to December. Around bonfire night is when the thick, padded style jackets really start to sell. But in spring we will see a new range and style of jacket that will start to hit the high street.

For example, in the Spring season of 2017 we saw a lot of lightweight, boiled wool, pastel coloured jackets. Soft suede and even leather biker jackets will still sell at that time of year, but these are normally featuring in a pastel colour range. We have touched on the pastel range a lot over the last few days and this should bring home how important they can be, coats, tops, dresses and even jeans will feature in this range. So merchandise your stock using these brand new colour ranges and add that little bit of sophistication to your store.

Coats or cardigans?

This is a tricky one. As most people have purchased new, thick, winter style coat over the festive season they may now be on the look out for something a bit more lightweight. This could always come in the form a nice, chunky knitted cardigan but most will opt for a new lightweight style coat. Take your own personal preference into consideration and that will give you an idea of what your customers will also want